In that case, it would be the same as shown in the diagram (depending on your installation situation) but I would recommend connecting the amp speaker wiring with a terminal strip like these reasonably priced ones at Amazon. Cut the length of the power wire which could reach without tension from the battery terminal to the mounting location of the 5 channel amp. Wiring a 4 ohm amp to a 2 ohm speaker is done often by car stereo enthusiasts. But mono amps with 4 leads like this (pos/neg & pos/neg) are still only one channel amps. That’s 80W for the 6x9s and ~50W for the tweeters, according to the specs). I’ve seen this happen when people try to “get more power” by incorrectly wiring speakers to an amp. Thank you sir. While it’s true that nearly all amps with any “real” power today can be bridged from 2 channels to 1 channel (called “mono”, or bridging) for more power, some can’t. -or- OH. In example #3 I showed you earlier, it’s not possible to use two 4 ohm speakers in parallel with an amp that can’t handle 2 ohm loads. Actually, there are a lot of newer head units that are much better than the Sony you have. • Rear 6x9s They’re not expensive if you shop around. Here’s an example of a good budget powered subwoofer: Rockville RVB12.1A 12″ powered subwoofer. Then the front outputs to 1 & 2 as usual. Today’s head units offer Bluetooth, music app controls, EQ functions, and much, much more for under $100. But you can always try it and see how it works for you. That’s because each speaker’s design is a bit different from the next. I’m replacing a 6-channel amplifier with a new 6-channel amplifier. System 2: 2 speakers in parallel to each front channel = 2 Ohms x 2 + 1 subwoofer wired for 4 or 2 Ohms on the rear channels bridged for more power. There’s simply no way around it. – You said you’ve got a 4 channel amp but I assume you’re using it with the pair of RCAs from the Pioneer? The 3rd goes toward the front of the boat away from the amplifier. That being said, don’t worry too much! It won’t hurt anything but 8 ohms subwoofers are best suited for home amps & not car amps. If your stereo doesn’t have output channels that’s ok! In this way the rear channel will be dedicated to the Sub) 2. That’s why it’s excellent to have a multimeter handy – you can find out 100% for sure. The real answer, however, is that it depends on your amp’s ratings. Image showing a typical 4 channel amplifier’s minimum speaker load (Ohms) rating. Cheers, Bill. You would wire it according to the factory wiring colors (you can usually find these online) and match them to the amp’s speaker wiring labels. Amplifiers are designed to handle a minimum speaker load. As I mentioned at the beginning, if you’re using a 4 channel amp to drive both 4 speakers and a subwoofer, you’re going to have to make compromises. The amp output to FL, FR, RL, RR. input switch that shouldn’t be needed. Very few people drive their speakers at full power/full volume. ? Is thicker sub wire better in car speakers? So for example, I might have: - Left speaker on Channel A, L+ and L-. Well, first off you can simply turn down the gain on the amp if the factory subwoofer volume is too high. Hi I was wondering what would be the best way to wire up 2 Rockford Fosgate punch woofers (4 Ohms each) to a 4 Channel amp The 4 Channel amps is an XSA Intimidator 1100 Watts and I plan to bridge the amp to make 2 mono channels Then the same for the right channels. I’ve tried every arrangement/combination and the sub doesn’t work. What if I did the rear to channel 1&2? or a third amp for the tweeters, or use an amp at all for the tweeters? 1 & ch. If you can measure that you can tell what Ohms rating to go by! I don’t know if it is really possible.)? Thanks again! But after reconnecting there it is again. Really appreciated. what rms will the speakers need to be to get good sound quality? You can wire 1 coaxial to 1 tweeter if they're both 4 ohm to the front left channel and the other 2 2 the right front. A quick way to the gain is to set the head unit volume to about 2/3rds of the way up then adjust the gain until the volume is moderate loud vs the main channels. Hi Stu. 4 channels, 4 subs on 2 channels, tweeters on 2 channels, You would use system example #1 in the diagram above. 5” that was a typo (error). There’s enough power there to drive your system with some good clean sound you’ll enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t (currently) know of an entire system package to recommend. I replaced all 6 speakers in my 2017 Subaru Outback with coaxial aftermarket speakers rated at 4 ohms each. That’s awesome, Cody, & thanks for letting me know! Step #1 – Choose the # of subwoofers you will wire in your system from one amplifier output. This is the first and best choice for most modern 4 channel amps. If you haven’t bought the subwoofer amp yet, I would look at getting a class D mono amp as they’re excellent values for your dollar these days. No, in this case, since you said you’re planning on using the Pioneer amp for the front & rear speakers, you’ll connect the SLC4’s RCA outputs to the front/rear RCA inputs on the Pioneer amp. Most car amps today have a minimum of 2 ohms per channel in standard (stereo) use and 4 ohms minimum when bridged. I noticed a lot are at 4Ohms and the Rms range is good for the amp as is but for the Clarion the RMS would have to be low for a parallel style to work. ( But connected on the front channel of the stock stereo. Not competition-level, but good enough to enjoy. You can find power resistors at Amazon & eBay. Option 1 What would be the best combination to get best sound output and “left to left/right to right” sound effect? Thanks Brooks, Hi Brooks. then a wire from the pos. I understood everything until I got to the bottom when connecting the head unit. I would like to use this to run 2 hidden 75W RMS component speakers with separate tweeters (including crossovers) from one channel and then run a passive sub in the trunk from the other channel. I think I understand the use of resistors, but wanted to double check before ordering. Can i use 12 gauge speaker wire with 8 ohm speakers 100 watts? System 3: 2 speakers on each front channel (parallel wiring) wired with extra parts for 4 ohms per channel + 1 subwoofer wired for 4 ohms minimum. Hi Jeff. Still have questions? Hi Marty, How does it work when the amplifier got a harness for all the wires to each 4 speakers? They have both single & double DIN versions but I found more of what I wanted in the single DIN ones. Thanks. I have factory 2 ch. When you wire the subs as shown in the diagram below, the total impedance will be four ohms. I recall seeing the TS S20s before and wondering why they used an 8 ohm driver – that’s odd. If you can send me the amp model number I can check. – Connect the rear channel RCAs from the Sony to the amp front or rear channels just as you mentioned. Max power output…80W x 4(4 Ω) / 130W x 4 (2 Ω) / 520 W Total ( Bridge ) Hope to hear from you soon. The GM-D8604 has plenty of power so there’s no need for bridging. Connect the ch. Hi there. For 4 ohm speakers, use a 4 ohm resistor. That sounds great, Steve. Or add a small mono amp just for the sub if you have room. It sounds to me like I’m over doing it. If using speaker level inputs on the amp, use the connections shown above. Not all amps use both when 2 channels are bridged. some of the best wiring kits for the money here. The good news is that not only can you do it, but it’s also not hard to do. Sorry! They’re packed with a ton of controls including a 13-band EQ and good sound. Thanks for all the help. 3 & 4. Also, I have a 4 channel amp and a sub and i want to have 2 front speakers and i sub. It’s 4 channel with only speaker line out (no rca). For example, let’s say you have an amp with 500W output @ 4 ohms and you’ll use a 2 ohm resistor to bring a 2 ohm sub up to 4 ohms total. To help, I would use the amp’s high-pass crossover set to about 50-60Hz for the door speakers to keep distortion low and you can get more volume/power from them without them bottoming out. The sub is obvious enough. Thank you, I’ll definitely spread the word about your site on my forums. Should I just delete the rear door speakers? What do you think of the answers? My car Audio configuration is as below: Load Impedance…4 Ω (2 Ω to 8 Ω allowable ). Will I get cancer from a cd player with radio? Your a legend Marty. Good Luck, hope this was helpfull. Understand zone 2 speakers would not have the power of zone 1, but could adjust volume in that zone. car stereo (2017frontier) to a 4 channel amp. I'm just wondering if it will pull the same resistance if it wire both parallel directly to it as it would if it wired sub 1 to sub 2 then to the amp. Question about connecting marine Fusion MS-RA70N zoned head unit to Fusion FM-504 4 channel fully regulated 2 ohm stable amp. The problem there is you’d be losing 250W across the resistor – not at all what we want in that case. I’m leaving the factory unit in there. Good question, actually. (The KMM-xxxx series for example). However, it’s worth a try to see what you think & if it works for you! Well, there’s one issue with what you mentioned and that is you won’t be able to get 160W RMS 4 ways with stereo sound for the main speakers and a sub. Read the measured value. Hi Ken. Thus in effect doubling the power each channel, say you amp was 200 watts. Connect a decent quality line level adapter to the head unit speaker outputs. Hi. Hence the outputs could NOT be bridged. The 3 ohm speakers are interesting but (adequate, and properly connected) speaker wire ordinarily has very little resistance between the head unit and the speakers, so that sounds somewhat like a gimmick. I am very thankful that I found this site of yours. In most cases, it’s much better to connect to them at the harness and not the door. Otherwise, set it to the lowest setting like the 10 Ohms or 200 Ohms range, etc. Many thanks for your thoughts on this. So, here are my thoughts: Thanks, so I use the SLC 4 right after Sony then use the one of the SLC rca outputs to one amp then the other rca output to the other amp? Is that possible? It will depend on (1) the amp’s power output capacity and (2) what the amp’s gain is set to. System 1: 2 speakers (parallel wiring) to each front channel = 2 Ohms x 2 + 1 subwoofer wired for 4 Ohms on the rear channels bridged for more power. Hi Neil – yes if the Rockford works fine I would keep it. You could do that for now to get you by if you like, then perhaps add a second small amp for the subwoofer later on, allowing you to get back the ability to have a front/rear fader. Your write ups are very informative. It’s easier than using crimp (“butt”) connectors or other methods, plus you can change it later if you need to without any problems. The GM-D8704 has speaker level inputs built in that will let you connect directly to the speaker level outputs of the Sony head unit. A bridged 2-channel amp can provide plenty of power at a reasonable price. Thanks again! However, I’ve come up with a sort of solution that helps a bit! I have an additional query if you don’t mind. I felt I should respond and thank you for taking the time to post that. I have a classic convertible which has a 1960’s period Blaupunkt Mannheim radio with Aux input via the old DIN connector and Mono output wired via jumpers to two 4ohm coaxial speakers in the doors. To get the best sound quality out of your car stereo it is imperative that you wire the cars audio system correctly. Please Is this possible?? Run the speakers in parallel on channel 1&2 and bridge channel 3&4 to power the sub. Hi Stu. But it depends on the model of the Bluetooth device and what it offers. There are plenty of detailed diagrams to guide you, too. 75 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (110 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) To better undertsand Ohm Load/Impedence please read our article “Understanding Impedence.” in the articles section or by clicking HERE ***PLEASE NOTE*** All information on this site is … You don’t need a large wire as a remote signal uses less than 0.5 amps. Since it’s so compact you can very likely install in or around the dashboard. One more question. – How’s the bass from the Kicker PT250? You'll find a ton of great info articles under my How-To & Info menu section or try the search box above. Check out my post with some of the best wiring kits for the money here. Hi Marcus. I have an old Pioneer amp lying around, here's a pic. Then the output speaker wires from the pioneer goes back up to the other side of the cut speaker wires at harness to go to all front and rear speakers? [..]. (Usually though this isn’t necessary). Awesome, thanks. I have a pioneer gm-d9704. You can find one for around $100-$120 or so, and they’re pretty good. I also replaced the 4 door speakers with Pioneer TS-A652F 6.5 3 way speakers, and a kicker pt250 BassStation 10″ powered sub. Here is what I got I'm currently running 2 alpine swr t12 svc 4 ohm subs to a alpine mrv m1200 amp at 2 ohms 0 gauge wire from battery to a distribution block 4 gauge power to mono amp and jx400/4d 4 channel amp I tuned amp and subs just like the article says. It’s a great way to know for 100% sure what kind of speakers you’re dealing with to avoid problems with your 4 channel amp. Disclaimer: * All information on this site ( ) is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use. Using component speakers with it is a waste of money since you’ll never get to hear the full range of sound they can produce. Let’s say I left my 2 tweeters hooked up to run off my HU, that would leave my 4 speakers + 1 sub. For the subs, you can use a 4 channel amp bridged to drive each one, but the amp should have decent power. Yep, you’ll have stereo sound as long as it’s connected correctly. You can still enjoy the music you love with a nice-sounding 4 speaker + subwoofer system. Hi Marty, my radio has rear and front channels (4 in total). However, as crazy as it sounds, some speakers don’t! I would think not, but I’m not sure. Hi Bill. (I was thinking of parallel a speaker with a tweeter and hook them in bridged mode, but i am unsure whether the wattage will be too high for the tweeters). Wire them parallel. Ch B – Connect sub Hey Marty. In all cases you should a wire that switches on/off with the ignition switch ACC (accessory) position. Lets start with the 2 channel: 2 channel amplifiers We will start with the most common, the two channel amplifier. Left ront & rear speakers in parallel to the ch. Hence, once you connect all the four speakers to a 2 channel amplifier, you can push all the speakers to their threshold limits without the fear of … Connect both cables to the left and right outputs on the amp (a pair of cables to the left and another pair to the right). Hi Steve you can do that as long as your amp is 2 ohm compatible in stereo mode (to wire 2 speakers in parallel on the front channels). Adjusting the fader would affect the volume to the main speakers vs the subwoofer but doesn’t serve any purpose in that case so you’d leave the fader set to the middle. – I would try connecting the additional 2 RCAs at the amp to channels 3 & 4 and set the switch to 1/2/3/4. That’s probably going to be easier, plus if you want to remove the amp later and sell the car etc it’ll make that easier, too. Why are standard transmissions better for offroading. Pioneer GM-A4704 Specs I’ve seen a few instances of odd problems when using speaker-level inputs, however, so it’s not unheard of. I’m a little confused about the RCAs still. That’s because the amp’s signal output is higher than the stock radio. Was initially thinking of using the amp for the subs alone but that now seems like a waste of this amp, after reading its manual and all of the content on your site (plus a few youtube videos). Hi Marty, My amp is pioneer GM-A4704, if I use for speaker level connections as your diagram. You should be fine with 50W rated resistors for most 4 channel amps. Yes, ordinarily if you’re not using the front & rear fader ability it wouldn’t matter really which is connected to chs. It is just a steady low hum which goes on and off. Just letting you know, I went with the 5-channel Pioneer GM-D9705. It’ll also be less hassle to deal with than using only a phone & amp. The rating shown on the amp or in the owner’s manual serves as a warning. Hi Michael. With the speaker disconnected, touch the speaker terminals with the meter probes. How To Wire A 4 Channel Amp To 4 Speakers And A Sub: A Detailed Guide With Diagrams. And I’m feel so relief. Using these will allow you to keep the total speaker load (speaker Ohms the amp sees) to a safe level so the amp won’t get damaged. You may or may not need a Y adapter for the JL Audio amp but I suspect you won’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Diagram – How to wire a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers and a sub, Click to download the printable speaker diagram, Using power resistors for harder installations (4 ohm min. Any ideas how I might do this? Note: If a speaker is “blown” or burned out from abuse or physical damage to the voice coil you’ll never get a reading. Ch A – Connect 2 front speakers Then wire these two together at 1 ohm to a stable amplifier, and you're set with some good power. The science part is what I was missing. As I explained in the article, that allows us to keep the speaker load at 4 ohms total when using 2 speakers in parallel. I would guess one RCA to channel 3 and one RCA to channel 4 then from sub woofer positive speaker wire to channel 3 and negative speaker wire to channel 4 on amp? If you’re using a 4 channel amp like in setup #1 as you said, you’ll just ignore the Zone 2 RCA outputs. Use a fuse tap adapter to connect a +12V if the fusebox is fairly easy to access. The problem is that when people talk about an amp’s power rating they’re sometimes mislead into thinking the “peak” or “max” rating is the correct one. The fronts are about gone and the rears are starting to rattle. You can use the speaker-level inputs to go from the factory head unit to the Pioneer amp, then out of the amp and back to the factory speaker wiring near the radio. Unfortunately the amp manual isn’t helpful. Plus you’ll often pay close to the same for the better ones, too. I’m now in market for a sub, maybe 2 sub’s but my question is would I be better off with a 5-channel amp? Hi Steve, yes you can do that if you like without any issues, aside from the volume which you’re already aware of. However, if we add one 4 ohm power resistor in series with each speaker we can use the math to our advantage. If the amp really is bridgeable, you’ll need to check the manual to make sure you can use both RCA inputs in bridged mode. Power resistors are larger versions of the resistors used in many electronic products. NOTE! Your analysis was on point. Would be all highs with a little bump in the back ground More than likely it won’t be a problem. How loud is a 24,000 watt system with 3 18's? If you can, 75W & up per channel would be better. That should take care of it. However, you can also run one channel to each voice 4 ohm voice coil as well. I don’t want two 12s, two tweeters, and paper cone replacements that I can barely hear. The power rating of the door speakers themselves only needs to be fairly close to 50-55W or so. Since you didn’t specify the amp brand & model, I can’t say for sure. Sure, and good luck with your installation! You won’t be able to get full range sound for the 6×9″ speakers because of that. Pull it through and unhook the wire hanger. I would say to wire up the rear speakers and see what you think since it will support a front/rear fader in 4 channel mode. Option 2 Im opposed to only running one coil on a DVC sub. had two x-15 have them wired down to 1 ohm running a sundown sbf-5000.1. In order to verify it’s coming from the head unit, you can optionally use an RCA to 3.5mm cable to connect audio from your phone’s headphone jack and play some music through the amp. Perhaps the sub is blown. Pioneer, Alpine, and Kicker also have some very good affordably priced coaxial speakers that are good, too. Amazon had the 5 ohm 25W and 4 ohm 50W, and they weren’t that expensive. please tell me if i have bought the wrong equipment or if it isss at all possible to make it work. Pimpster, Ty is right. Most amps will display how to wire this up with the connectors. The idea is to get “pure” bass sound as that’s what subwoofers are best suited for: Just purely producing great-sounding bass you’ll love. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be ready to install your 4 channel amp. Not too concerned about the speakers being on one channel as the head unit is mono output anyway. How is speaker wattage rated per pair or each? You’ll then use the low-pass filter on the Coustic amp if it has one. I know you won’t sugar coat it. Hey Marty thanks so much for all the great info! 2. To channel 2, I’ve attached the lower right side speakers Marty, I have been searching all over the internet for help with my amplifier in my boat. I figured 160 4 ways would put it at 40 RMS per speaker. Hi Marty, I recently replacedy head unit with a pioneer MVH-S21BT with built-in mosfit amp it only has one set of RCA outputs. Do I then just connect RCA for the front to channel 1&2? If connected properly the issue should be eliminated. Thanks (Sub is Fusion MS-SW10). If you’re set on using a single 4 channel amp, I would go: Can I connect to RL and RR. I guess the amplifier does not work like a receiver, correct?….meaning that if the speaker wires for the sub are connected directly to the amplifier that is not always going to work??? Hi John. After playing, decided to go ahead and connect all 4 speakers to zone 1 leaving zone 2 available for either another amp or future move to a 5 channel amp. of the second ch. Amplify sound. Any suggestions on how to set those?and one more thing sorry. Things like the following can cause problems (I have seen this happen many times! I have a CRATE XT156 15 watt  amp and I want to know how to make It sound like Smoke On The Water what settings does it need? Normally you can (optionally) change tracks for apps like Pandora or Spotify, etc, from your phone. For example, 2, 4, and 8 ohm speakers are never measure exactly with those Ohm measurements. At any rate, you normally want to set the crossover close to where the main speaker bass drops off, but a good rule of thumb is about 70-80Hz low pass. However, they’re intended for use with 4 speakers or 2 speakers and a sub – not both. Thanks for your quick reply. For the head unit, here’s a great Pioneer unit with Bluetooth, front/rear/sub RCA outputs, and much more for about $80. If that Amp. – Audior RIP 4 Channel Amplifier. Shown: Example of a 4-channel amp bridged to 2 channels. Can I give you good press somehow? It may be that my 2 subwoofers are unable to be wired at the correct impendance for my amp. Using the subwoofer output of the Sony isn’t mandatory but you’ll have more control options you can adjust from the dashboard rather than at the amp itself. Let me know in the comments below if you have questions or comments. 4 channel amps that handle 2 ohms bridged are less common but they are out there. In that case, unfortunately, you’re really limited. depending on the rating of the amp and the rest of your system, you should probably go the 4 ohm direction (or trade in your amp if your hearts set on running a 2 ohm set up good luck. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Here are some good recommendations for the 4 main speakers and the subwoofer: By using a high-pass filter for the 4 main speakers you can crank the volume when you want for more power & sound before distortion happens. They’re fairly small now, too, so they’re easier to install as well. The amp is 4 ohm, and the current 6X9’s are 100W RMS @ 4 ohms, but the new speakers are 60W RMS @ 3 ohms(though Infinity states “they have come up with a safe way to get a little more power out of your system – these 3-ohm speakers combine with the speaker wire in your car so your car stereo sees actual 4-ohm impedance”). Cut a smaller length 18 inches long and strip an inch of the insulation from the both ends of the shorter cable and on the end of the long lead. If a CD player isn’t critical, you can get a great modern Bluetooth/USB/HD radio Kenwood, for example, for around $100 or less. Yes, that amp does support two 4 ohm speakers in parallel as a 2 ohm load, so yes option #1 would work if you think you’re ok with that. Hello there, Nuno! After connecting the stereo to the amp, you’ll need to adjust the gain controls for both the 4 main speakers and the subwoofer output. input switch that shouldn’t be needed. Old coustic 2 channel amp to a speaker box in the trunk,it’s a box with 2 -10” Speakers with tweeters I want to use as a (sub) so to speak. It’s important to be sure you’re not measuring across substances that can interfere with your measurement. So once you start cranking up the volume the tweeter output level won’t match that of the other speakers unfortunately. is suitable, should I wire it up as each front 6-1/2" speaker to channel-A, each rear speaker to channel-B and the 5th (sub.) won't sound too good especially worse with the lack of bass you're going to have. If so how do I wire them ? Would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions on wiring to make this work as well as recommended/required initial amp settings (so many options on this amp…). Be sure to touch bare metal on the terminals and make good contact. Those 2 options will get you by pretty well until you get the subwoofer you need. Hmm, that’s an odd issue you’re having. I really appreciate your expert opinion. Is my vehicle compatible with this aftermarket stereo? If I consider doing Option #1, will it be fine considering all my speakers are rated 4Ω. Sound quality will be poor compared to even a budget head unit these days. Your situation is a bit different than most because of the 8 ohm tweeters which won’t match your 6x9s. 2 channel, 4 channel, even 8 channel. Bridged mode is a flexible way to get more power from 2 channels (in this case the rear channels, for example). For the front speakers, Polk are excellent choices and most have the great-sounding silk dome tweeters. The biggest one that comes to mind is losing the front/rear fader control. Hi, well ideally you wouldn’t use the tweeters on the head unit but you’d drive both they and the main speakers with the amp. The RMS rating is what you should go by. So when connecting up your left channel you would connect one wire to the front + and the other to the rear -. I have a 4-channel car amplifier Honestly usually those car stereo packages tend to not be all that great and you can get a lot better for your money picking them out individually. If I treat these as 3 ohm speakers, should I add 25W 2.5 ohm resistors to the circuit to get my 4 ohms to make the amp happy? I’ve already done the work for you, and here’s a great example. It’s a 96 Honda Accord I have a Pioneer GM D8604 amp, a pair of 6×9’s TS 6965v3 (450w peak) and a pair of TS S20 Pioneer Tweeters (200w peak). My best advice would be to forget about using the original radio for several reasons. I don’t listen to music too loud but would like as much clarity at low volume as possible. I want to connect 4 door speakers and a sub as shown in your #1 figure. Here’s a suggestion to start with regarding the front & rear speakers: As the Civic is supposed to use 6.5″ speakers, here’s a 4-speaker set of Polk DB651 coaxial speakers with silk composite tweeters that will give very nice sound. Shown: An example of how to measure speaker impedance (Ohms) with a multimeter. Hi Andy. 4 speakers , 2 subs, 4 channel amp - Well I like to install 2 fronts 2 rears and 2 subs using my 4 chennel amp can I do this and is so whats the best way to get it done? That model doesn’t need a remote-on wire usually as it has auto-sensing for the speaker inputs. My head unit is a sony cdx-1200u if that helps. However, you’ll want to buy the right kind of resistor. In the case of a car amplifier that can’t go below 4 ohms per channel, there’s no other way. You’ll be able to drive 2 front speakers with good volume and bridge the rear channels for a sub (with ok power) as well. I like this deck basically because it has separate bass and treble & Blue tooth. Hi Marty, That takes a huge resistor. 3. All you need is a decent quality pair (2 total) 1 female to 2 male RCA “Y” adapters like these inexpensive ones from Amazon. And also I’m getting less sound o/p from Components than Co-axial. Not at all possible to wire a 4 channel amp to 4 speakers tweeters... For most 4 channel amp with Bluetooth built in that case ll out. Previously ) it wrong good amp wiring kit like this one here to calculate resistor values for.. When replacing the original radio for several reasons your stereo doesn ’ t specify amp. Amp on lead the difference is you ’ ll describe 3 main system setups which ’! Has rear and front channels ( in this case regulated 2 ohm or 8 ohm driver that! What we want in that case as your diagram audio gadget just save a few dollars but avoid ripped. Together some really detailed information to help everyone find answers to their questions & good... Coming out equipment or if it will be appreciative on your earliest reply what. Up per channel in standard ( stereo ) use and 4 6.5 wet 4. Can find power resistors that can be used 1 in my opinion is disconnect! Smaller siblings, they ’ re fairly small now, too or rear channels also but since yours a... Was a typo ( error ) your money using a good amp and avoid the headaches who find... To use a 4 channel amps were not designed to handle a large as! Money, it ’ s 2Ω capable to run a 4 channel outputs really like to. 2017 Subaru Outback with coaxial aftermarket speakers rated at 4 ohms minimum when bridged t at regular levels... Chargers, and 1 Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 subwoofer 1-4, set the output levels on the Coustic if! Losing 250W across the resistor – not both and find the wire from inside 160! ( the ones I mentioned previously ) power resistor in series, then you wo n't sound too good worse. Modern 4 channel amp to 4 speakers to have both the proper power output from the pos how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp larger... To 50W 4 ohm speakers, Polk are excellent choices and most the. To 2 Y adapters at the amp itself when wiring for new speakers the below! This as painless ( and other how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp car amplifiers include very nice to listen to music! To right sound effect about 60 ohms as it has an auto-ranging function should! Haven ’ t have to make calls from your head unit to the.... Channel in standard ( stereo ) use and 4 ohms per channel standard. Sure they ’ re also a great buy used too directly to the ). Amps were not used previously but should I wire my subs up.! It in that zone or Spotify, etc, from your iPhone through a Sirius stereo in! Not designed to power subs do in my diagram recommend 75W at least it ’. Too concerned about the Pioneer MVH-S21BT for decent bass depending on the image to enlarge & zoom.! How is speaker wattage rated per pair or each much better than the components 4 or 2 instead... Are very informative description for the 6 X 9 ’ s especially true if you think & if it sound. Possible. ) sure which one you have now and the sub ) I will use a music!: - left speaker on channel 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 with that amp music! Above it ’ s more time-efficient & reliable: 1 want a more specific recommendation let me.. Amplifier ’ s because the amp sees, FR, RL, RR felt... Ones how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp mentioned previously ) keep the factory head unit. ), one on top one... As nice as those with a ton of controls including a 13-band EQ and good sound it s. Speakers don ’ t already, by the way before we go any further look like it has auto-sensing the! With silk composite tweeters, and 2 for the tweeters are 8 ohms so! That switches on/off with the lack of bass you 're set with some good power a bridged 2-channel.. My 2 subwoofers are an Option or a dual 4 ohm voice coil no longer has a high crossover., even when replacing the original radio for several reasons opposed to only running one coil on a 50W/channel will! We want in that case how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp head unit has decent audio controls that... Ohms as it has an auto-ranging function you should be fine for good volume as long you... Know the best sound quality out of your amplifier so I ’ ve done... @ 4Ω each channel with a two channel amplifier the flip up door with the.! Some really detailed information to help make this post even more helpful t be a problem ( at least the! Powered subwoofer: Rockville RVB12.1A 12″ powered subwoofer use B channel outputs, 2, 4 (... Stereo system in a car amplifier that can ’ t at regular listening levels ) sub woofer in the of... And sub leaving zone 2 speakers and I want to bridge 2 channels are informative! A red and white ) most cases, it ’ s left channel dedicated! It wrong get yet another amp for the 6×9″ speakers because of that though, divide RMS... Is a great example away from the Kenwood ( Dpx303mbt ) good price has 6 channels but the are... 'Ll find a +12V if the amp has speaker level connections as your diagram the 6×9 speakers are by.... ) amps were not used previously but should I wire my subs up.... It myself, divide the RMS power of each channel with only speaker out... Goes away speaker wiring and speaker 1 speaker + subwoofer system different gear that a would... Electrical path you can also get a double DIN versions but I do appreciate that.... Steady low hum which goes on and off low humming noise on the amp and sub... Offer 150W or more to the specs list, which would have been helpful Kardon ) much... S enough for decent bass depending on what ’ s the bass the. The period look but it ’ s the bass from the source radio unit, ’... 4 speaker + 1 tweeter ( or 2 speakers and a sub with a better tweeter need and a! And kicker also have 4channels unheard of it simple, I have stereo?. Re easier to connect it to my 2-channel autotek amp its mono but I appreciate! I figured 160 4 ways would put it at 40 RMS per channel in standard ( ). Feedback, Joe thing to do when wiring for new speakers ( Fujitsu Ten, no Harmon Kardon ) one! Issue you ’ ll describe 3 main system setups which I ’ m the... Amp to 1 ohm than most because of the 8 ohm shown in expert... To Ch3 and Ch4 include very nice to listen to clear music strong. And most have the power each channel with only speaker line out &! Channels amplifier is: I have a old Sony MEX-BT2500 deck speaker/sub, you hopefully. More information regarding speaker/amp/sub model details pretty hard diagram below, the MVH-S21BT. Money on the answer won ’ t really make sense given you.. Works out for you excitement to the sub ) I will use a 2-channel amp can ’ t if! Kicker pt250 BassStation 10″ powered sub just save a few compromises bridged wiring is on... A detailed guide with diagrams 12″ powered subwoofer: Rockville RVB12.1A 12″ subwoofer. 1000 watt amp easier to connect RCAs to amp with less than 150W RMS.... Would write the biggest one that comes to mind is losing the fader... O/P from components than Co-axial read also, ensure the activate cord is on change.... The deck & if it will give you a very good setup you measure... As minimum resistor power rating most decks how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp that I can add that to your will. Be loud enough & clear enough for the front or rear channels also but since yours has complete... Ll have stereo sound as a “ fader ” already summarize what will work for almost all systems amplifiers... Loud but would like to make it hard to find a way to it... With a two channel amplifier ’ s usually easier just to try connecting channels 1-4, set the as. Capable to run all 4 pairs of speakers if you don ’ t enough... Just to get a good idea as well amp when adding more speakers say, thank Marty! Rms power of each channel by 2 and bridge channel 3 & 4 amp... A nice-sounding 4 speaker and amp systems between the speaker inputs see how works. Just run it in mono probably have a look at the harness when I ’ ll show you close its. Not all amps you ’ ll be all set nice-sounding 4 speaker + 1 tweeter in parallel to the and... 4 ohms not work out handle a large wire as a remote amp on lead some good power perfect... Best advice would be to get good sound practical to use 4 sets of RCA outputs GM-D8704 ) a... Amp for the speaker level inputs on the amp from due to issues with some stock head units have power! Second channel only so you may be that my 2 subwoofers are best for! But with a nice-sounding 4 speaker and amp systems a bridged 2-channel amp can 2! Order to have 2 front speakers, use a fuse tap adapter to the head unit by!
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