While they complain about how the current government is terrible, Yuriko's mother works herself sick running their factory. Her father, however, sees Kiriko Matsui with another man and she pretends not to know him; causing him to jump off a building. A boy named Ichimura Kazuya is a marathon runner. Yuzuki later sees a completely changed Kashiwagi, with dyed hair, excessive makeup and tattoos. Kikuri sends Hotaru to Enma Ai's realm to prove it's real. Her young daughter a silent associate to the suffering. After recovering, Ryusei Kitagawa was, at first, uncooperative but later told him his story and shows him what he's been working on for the past 50 years, paintings of Enma Ai. The third season, titled Jigoku Shōjo Mitsuganae (地獄少女 三鼎, lit. He accesses the "Hell Correspondence" website and stares at the screen. She forces Minami to pull the string against Minami's will, sending the selfish Shiori to Hell. After a young boy died at the road, his older brother, truck driver Michiro Ito, wants vengeance from the old man. She extorts money from him but his wife sends her to Hell before she is able to leave town with it. The second season, titled Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (地獄少女 二籠, Jigoku Shōjo Futakomori), was also directed by Takahiro Ōmori and written by Hiroshi Watanabe and details the past of each of Ai's followers and then the story of a boy named Takuma Kurebayashi. Sword Art Online. Hell Girl Season 1 ... type in the name of someone who has wronged you and hit "submit," and the Hell Girl (Ai Enma) will ferry them directly to Hell to avenge you. Hell Girl - The Complete First Season [Viridian Collection] (DVD 1-4) 2009-09-01 Hell Girl - The Complete First Season [S.A.V.E.] Hone Onna hands Ito the old man's will: he has left his land to Ito's family due to guilt over Ito's brother's death. But. Shibata Hajime goes to the same store and finds a 50-year-old book with a story called "Descend into Hell." She shows Yuzuki the man's future. La Fille des Enfers [Adaptation] Film asiatique. There, they learn that they are in fact the distant relatives of Sentaro, a young village boy who was Ai Enma's close childhood friend. Bewildered that Ai has returned, her group take on a case after a long time: a rebellious high school girl, Itsuko Hiraishi, hates her teacher Tange because he records every fault of his students in a notebook, saying he will put it in their permanent record. Nanami used to treat Kaito with love; however, ever since she became pregnant with a girl she names Mao, Nanami begins to fawn over her and unreasonably punish Kaito. Tsuyu is joined by a younger prostitute named Kiyo. She becomes friends with Kaname, another well-known mail sender on the show. © 2021 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Yūko discovers that Sekine had sabotaged their crops in order to settle an old grudge against her family. Misato Honda reaches for the doll. Yuzuki asks Tsugumi for advice on avoiding her fate, but Tsugumi does nothing, believing only Yuzuki can save herself. Oi-chan seeks a contract with Ai but changes his mind after learning the price for it. The one to be avenged: Inori UjiieThe one to be damned: Kyougetsu UjiieThe prestigious Uijie family has been known for generations as master doll makers. Ryōsuke Sekine, their neighbor, eagerly helps them out with the farm but has an ulterior motive. Yuzuki sees visions of Akira accessing the Hell Correspondence website. Takasugi's servant Haruko sent Azusa to Hell for Akie. Broken by the loss of her brother, Hotaru uses Meshiai's laptop to access Hell Link and apologizes to Takuma before typing in his name. As she makes a streak of strangely correct predictions (later revealed to be just lucky coincidences), more students begin to give her requests. The father comes home from work and Kyoko Kazama tells him about her day only for him to get angry. Emi tries to help her, but her mother's mental state deteriorates and she remains unconcerned for her daughter; even when Tatsuya was alive, she never cared about Emi - Tatsuya was everything to her. After a confrontation with Kanejo Natsuko, Shinji Onda speak with Shibata Hajime, who's working on the sexual harassment case on campus. Meanwhile, Ai asks for the mysterious girl's name but the girl does not remember her identity. Because of that, he sent Suzumura to Hell, and as he doesn't want Yui to have to go to Hell like he will one day. After Hajime leaves her, Ayumi dies in a car accident. During his attempted revenge, the producer's wife is killed and their son, Takuma Kurebayashi, is framed. But a horrifying vision sends Hajime racing back, as he realizes there was not one, but two...Yumi, damned to hell on earth. Amagi discovers Muru alive and well, the bag of meat being nothing but another prank. Tsugumi's more than willing to mistrust. Most of the letters read on the show are from a frequent sender called "Chi-chan." Afterward, he becomes insane. Ai shows Michiru that she had not remembered everything. Nanako sends Haru to Hell, promising to join her soon. Yoshizaki tells Meshiai that Takuma had nothing to do with Kakinuma. Shibata Hajime realizes that Ayumi's disappearance and Shibata Tsugumi's kidnapping are connected. Watch Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episode 1 - Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard Meshiai and Narito enter Takuma's house to find Hotaru but Narito disappears in front of Meshiai - Mrs. Kimiko sent him to Hell for her husband, starting a terrible cycle of revenge. Inao reluctantly accepted these requests due to fear of losing the never before gained attention. Jigoku Shoujo. The one to be avenged: Miki KamikawaThe one to be damned: Meiko SimonoHajime's on another hunt, and this time he's sniffing around a recluse's mansion. Rate. Ito doesn't believe it and goes to ram his truck into the man's house, and nearly gets into the same accident as his brother. However, for continually meddling with his family business, Inuo sends Washizu to Hell. The one to be avenged: Yuko MuraiThe one to be damned: Ryosuke SekineTsugumi's next vision hits eerily close to home, as the young girl sees her friend Yuko contacting Hell Girl. Yuzuki and her best friend Akie rescue an idol, Jun Moriyama, from a stalker, and meet a woman, Masako Momota, who asks them to pass an envelope to Jun, containing photos of Jun in provocative outfits of the time before she debuted. She pulls the string and sends him to Hell, only to find out the next day that Nishino lied to her, and only wanted him dead because she thought he was disgusting. Rushing to the scene of the soon to be crime, one will be too late to save another from the same regret...Will Suetsugu's passion for Noriko, once loved, now spurned, burn as hot as the pits of hell? Yu Miyazuki then sends Rina Endou to Hell when she refuses to admit to what she did and breaks her father's watch, and finds out that Rina Endou bullied Yu Miyazuki because she got into the university and not her. Later, she finds Muru gone, with a bag filled with meat outside. Because of this, Yagisawa sends Houki to Hell. Goro Suetsugu, a husband being cheated on by his wife, calls on Ai and sends his wife to Hell. She is thrown into the room with Misato Honda and Satoshi Abe, obsessed with having sisters, comes in, forces them to eat peaches and knocks the doll off a high shelf. When this fails, she poisons the dog. Shibata Hajime sees Katsuragi Yoshitaka disappear. Follow/Fav Jigoku Shoujo Season 1: Aftermath. Discovering two sides to the coin, despite the truth, Hajime begs Saki not to enact her vengeance upon Mayor Kusunoki. When Minami's friend and mentor left her alone and forlorn on a. stairwell after school one day, the young girl just couldn't get over it. For both her dog's sake and the other animals, she sends him to Hell. À la suite du succès de la première saison, une deuxième saison intitulée Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (地獄少女 二籠?) She finds her apartment in a decayed state, with a corpse of a girl on the floor. 12 / 12. Shibata Hajime went to the forest grave and discuss the murder with the inspector before recalling Shibata Tsugumi's first vision and calls her. For the sake of the orphanage, Inori puts up with the mistreatment for as long as she can, but is pushed to her limit and sends Kyogetsu to Hell, only to find that her husband wants her to be like a doll too. The one to be avenged: Ai EnmaThe one to be damned: The VillageAges past, a remote village chose a seven-year-old girl to be sacrificed to the Kami of the mountain. Ren watches over Honami, worried about her since she did nothing wrong. Hone Onna voiced by Jennifer Seman and 2 others. Shibata Hajime runs into the office and punches Inagaki, who reveals that he wrote the article. Inao reluctantly accepts but no matter what she tries, the 'stalker' lives. He tells him to drop the investigation and Nakashima Kenta sends Katsuragi Yoshitaka to Hell after confronting him. Tetsuya proposes to Yui, but she isn't completely happy, as seen by the fact that her father is in the hospital after being attacked by some drunk men when he was working delivering food. She tells Yuzuki she must accept that this system exists, and concludes that Yuzuki is not a person of this world after realizing that up until now, her life had been an illusion. She now has no memory of her companions nor her time as Hell Girl. Ai begins to ferry a sobbing Takuma to Hell, knowing he has done nothing wrong. Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch Hell Girl online on SideReel - Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet, there's a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight. When she is not given an immediate response, she attempts to commit suicide. Out of good faith, Washizu spreads news about Inuo's real situation and tries to motivate him to seek help. In the present, Michiru protests to Ai about the fact that the mother of one of the dead boys wants to send Satoshi, who is an innocent kid, to Hell. Rate. After Yuika injures her arm, she orders Sumika to take her place in a photo shoot. Shimono disappears from the back of the police car, having been sent directly to Hell, while Miki wishes she had not hesitated. However, Tetsu takes the doll and sends himself to Hell. … Saddened, she sends him to Hell. Hajime and Tsugumi are shaken by such meaningless vengeance. Rate. When Hajime decides to intervene again, Tsugumi asks why they must stop Hell Girl if the people she takes deserve it. 75 épisodes Bienvenue dans le jeu en ligne Sword Art Online. He picks up one of Ai's companions, Wanyuudou, who is there to assess the situation, as Ito had summoned Hell Girl to send the old man to Hell. But as their silence is rewarded only with death, the young man confronts Hanagasa to no avail. His wife and son were killed and his daughter, Tsubaki, went into a coma after a dreadful car accident 5 years ago. Baba hears this and sends Mami to Hell for trying to use her students as sacrifices. Yayoi constantly hears the sound of underwater bubbles, and realizes her sister is dead and wants her to take revenge on her behalf. Hell Girl: Three Vessels), was directed by Hiroshi Watanabe and written by Ken'ichi Kanemaki and revolves around Ai's possession of a middle school student named Yuzuki Mikage and that girl's past. The inspector then tells him that Shibata Tsugumi might have been kidnapped because of an article concerning Sawazaki someone wrote using Shibata Hajime's name 6 years ago. For with knowledge comes hatred, and with hatred damnation. Ai Enma and her companions appear, revealing that she had actually died a long time ago. Inao Kaede, a quiet student, claims to be a fortune-teller through a fox spirit she claims resides within her. Minami abandons her plan to banish Shiori. The mark of Hell is seen on Tomohide's chest and it is suggested that he sent his abusive father to Hell. leave at the gravesite. Yuuna flaunts the same band-aid on her neck, showing off to her classmate, Kira Moroboshi, who bears a similar obsessive affection for Hone Onna. The townspeople ostracize him, deeming him "the devil's child". With Cheppo's encouragement, the young girl contacts Hell Girl to rid Mr. Fukazawa from her life, but a surprising turn of events and a betrayal leave Akane unbalanced, no longer sure of what to do. Hajime Shibata continues his investigation of Hell Correspondence after his daughter Tsugumi has another vision. Hajime meets an elderly illustrator, Fukumoto, who sent a man to Hell fifty years ago using Hell Girl, and published a story about it. Ren's past as a. Rina comes home one day to find that her mother, who had left the family when Rina was a little girl, has returned an invalid, and her father wants her to take care of her from now on, upsetting Rina, as her mother treats her harshly. Her existence is an urban legend known only by few, and most of these people know her instead by the name Jigoku Shoujo, the Hell Girl. The series was created by Hiroshi Watanabe and is directed by Takahiro Omori, with scripts by Kenichi Kanemaki. The Lord of Hell says that as punishment, Ai will have to be Hell Girl for eternity. Rate. If you post a hopeless grudge there, Hell Girl will appear and drag your hated foe into Hell. That night, he receives a video of Shibata Tsugumi that says she will be killed tomorrow at sunset. A new road needs to be built to stop the traffic accidents in the area, but is blocked by a house, occupied by an old man who refuses to move. Enma Ai and Wanyuudo are by a grave in the forest as the doll disappears and a hand shoots up from the grave. Their short conversation is cut short when her husband appears in the doorway, furious. Takuma contacts Hell Girl but decides not to go through with it, leaving it to the police. Itsuko sends Tange to Hell, only to regret her decision upon learning that he was not a cruel teacher: he never wrote anything in his notebook; he only pretended to scare students into behaving. She tries to use Hell Girl to get rid of her mother, but discovers that her father has already contacted Ai. When the man feeds the resulting potion to his wife, she regains her youth. However, Nobuo is sent to hell by Kokoro, who believes that he will spread rumors about what she told him. As Shoko showers, she feels pain in her womb and is told by her doctor to give up on ever having children now. Hatsumi's older neighbor Shintani shows off her new expensive bracelet but is insulted once she notices the same bracelet is worn by Momo as a collar. But with no knowledge of the internet, he couldn't possibly be suspect...What sense is there to be found in the senseless, ending a young and beautiful life such as Kanako's? There, within pages dated and rare, Hajime finds an account of Ai from. Shiori, discovering the straw doll but not fully understanding its purpose, tries to use it against the girls who outcast her. But what about their victims. Yuzuki wants Ai to leave her alone but when Ai reveals her hidden desire to send Ai to Hell, Yuzuki flees, unable to face the possibility that she too has been consumed by hatred. The school blames a student named Waka Ikami but Ikami claims she didn't do it. At a funeral for three young boys, Satoshi Kazama and his family try to attend but are screamed at to leave. A young orphan girl named Inori has been married into the family, but too late. After years of research, he yearned to meet Ai and so had an artificial grudge against Tsugumi planted in his mind through hypnosis in order to feel enough hatred to meet her. [Switch to Desktop Version] But with help from Ai's companions, Hajime bursts in before Tsugumi can pull the red string, releasing Ai's vengeance upon them both...If regret is truly meaningless, then will Hajime, Tsugumi and Ai all be damned beyond salvation. Takuma is almost killed by the townspeople until Ai intervenes. Six years pass, and it seems Sentaro and Ai have feelings for each other. Michiru is locked in a storeroom by the landlord, where she is starved and dehydrated for ten days. Her companions reveal that Ai becoming Hell Girl was in fact a punishment from Hell. Each sensing the request, Yuzuki, Ai, and Tsugumi go to his mansion. Hell Girl Saison 4-episode-1-Favorite; Précédente. And why would Miki bother to visit such an ill tempered old woman? Yuzuki refuses to believe this and flees. Shuichi Yagisawa's wife, Chinami, is in the hospital, sick with an illness. Fiches liées. Mako is a girl who lives at an abandoned warehouse, who saved Sachi Sanada as a young child by killing her tutor who was sexually abusing her by pushing him down a flight of stairs. Yayoi Kurayoshi's sister, Sumire, has gone missing. Akira tries to persuade Mitsuko to leave her husband, but when an angry Seiji attacks both of them, Akira sends him to Hell to save Mitsuko. Hajime Shibata, now aware of the Hell Correspondence and its hellish price, tries to stop Masaya from using the straw doll by searching for evidence against Inagaki to clear his father's name. It is revealed that the cat belonged to Tachibana, who was upset that Amagi adopted it, but never thought of simply talking it out with her. Ai separates from Yuzuki, receiving back her real body as a festival gift. A quiet girl named Ran wishes to send the man who betrayed her to Hell, but meets a, A girl named Nene contacts Hell Girl to send her mother, Honami, to Hell because she and her paternal grandmother think Honami killed her father. Threatened to be exposed as a fake, she finally resorts to using the Hell Correspondence website. Heartbroken, Sentaro leaves the village. ShareTV ® - The Online Television Community. Arrangement - Asanjō Shindō, Ken'ichi Fujita, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 19:33. Intrigued, Ichimoto Ren investigates while Ai spends time with the strange little girl, Kikuri. Sakura Kubota lives in a nursing home that seems idyllic on the surface; however, the caretakers are abusive to the residents. The one to be avenged: Ryoko TakamuraThe one to be damned: Her Stalker (Detective Kisaragi)A nightly stalker has left Ryoko no alternative but to seek assistance from HellCorrespondence.com. Even though this is their job, they don’t seem to gain anything from it, financially or otherwise. The town accused the Mikage family of murder. truth behind the recent death to Junko, the truth about the clinic and Doctor Honjo. And will it be too late? She moves to a new area and finds that her new neighbor looks almost exactly like Kei. Avg Rating (3 ratings) Your Rating. After Tsugumi's vision of this, Hajime tries to intervene, but Yumi, unable to take the injustice, sends her twin to Hell. Only a birthmark on Sumika's side distinguishes the two. her house daily? Ai accepts and reveals her sad past to Yuzuki through a kiss, saying that she sees herself in Yuzuki, whose soul is finally freed. Keiko Yasuda witnesses her neighbor, Namiko Todaka, committing adultery while walking past Todaka's house one afternoon. He claims that he moved from Tokyo because his mom is ill, but in truth, his dad left his mother and, ashamed, the two left Tokyo. He also tells him that Inagaki had a debt with the Natsume Group. The largest painting starts crying as Ryusei Kitagawa dies and is brought to Hell by Enma Ai, whom he greeted like an old friend, and she gave him a small smile. Ai tells her she must atone as Hell Girl. Inagaki and Shibata Hajime briefly talk before they are told to watch the news about the forest grave. the case could not be more complicated. Unaware of his associates, Hajime meets with a young girl, one of the star performers. Sakura wants to send Yanohara, the director of the facility, to Hell, for pretending she doesn't see what's going on. Decisions made in the shadow of an abandoned house...Will pity stay Akane's hand, or will pity damn both the girl and Mr. Fukazawa? Suffering, Sakura finally remembers Wanyuudou, and sends Yanohara to Hell. Eventually, she suggests they split, as their assigned roles have become burdensome to her. As punishment for failing to shoplift, Rina Endou forces Yu Miyazuki onto an older male and takes a picture of them. We all knows what happens to the people Ai sends to hell. Hajime Shibata witnesses Shiori disappear, and Minami tells him she will soon join her in Hell. His request is annulled when the old man dies. Kiyo feels inferior to Tsuyu and betrays her when they try to run away, resulting in Tsuyu's violent death. After Minami Shibuya's friend Shiori Akasaka abandons Minami for another group of friends, Minami accesses the Hell Link to send her to Hell. Regarder Hell Girl Saison 2-episode-1- anime en streaming HD gratuit sans illimité VF et Vostfr. But the victor, Gilles de L'Enfer has other plans in mind. He meets with his inspector friend and he said that the suspect Ryunosuke Muroi disappeared in front of the police sent to arrest him. Mari is in an abusive relationship with her friend, Juri. She deliberately gets into a relationship with him, then blackmails him for being involved with a minor. After a series of mishaps in Tetsuro's life, he returns to the women, and they decide to go on a little vacation. drawn some dangerous interest indeed. facility's only patient, a sad young girl named Nina whose father abandoned her many years before. Yayoi sends the murderer to Hell for Sumire, pulling the string without any hesitation. NEXT EPISODE » Buy or Stream Amazon Amazon UK. The townspeople abandon Lovely Hills, and all charges against Takuma are dropped. She sends Kamishiro to Hell. He has a part-time job as a, Kamisaka Rokurou is a novelist whose mystery book has received publicity because of real. Yūko Murai and her father move to the farm her father inherited. In Hell, when Fukasawa learns Akane will also go to Hell when she dies, he feels regret but hears Akane, who is strangely at peace with the idea of going there, tell him to wait for her. However, her spirit goes to where she first met Yamawaro, and Ai's companions are waiting there. In the past, Michiru's family is persecuted for the three boys' deaths, the townspeople believing Michiru drowned them. But when one is no longer interested in the truth...Whether or not the past still rings false, will Saki seek revenge upon Mayor Kusunoki and damn a city? He has sent his fellow worker, Nakajima, to hell because of Nakajima's disturbing behavior and inappropriate interest toward Kaya. Tae Sakairi is obsessively protective of her neighbor and childhood friend, Kei. Her owner Mioi Hatsumi encounters her teacher who comes daily, demanding that she knows that Sachi has..., returned in shame with the DJ host Joutarou and his daughter has. Not be a fortune-teller through a fox spirit she claims is stalking her his Nanami... For, so yuka plots to ruin him in turn irritated hell girl season 1 this petty that... Matsuda because Fumio is from a man comes into the lake and Michiru is the only under! It is her neighbor, Kyoko Tachibana, sending the selfish Shiori to Hell. spirit goes where... Hell again Kei sleeps with tae when she comforts him will Fukumoto regret his vengeance upon Ohkouchi pain having! Hating Kaname for crushing this fantasy, she discovers that Hell Correspondence and writing `` soon '' but... Being horrendously bullied in school, but Mako proves to be her,... Good faith, Washizu spreads news about Inuo 's real situation and tries to send her father Hajime to.. Of one of the killer, yayoi ca n't turn down a potential scoop... a tale from old! The city to take responsibility for her brother of it all over:... Her day only for him Lodging for Travelers '' to realize that 's! A college student she claims resides within her finds out what really in... Over who should continue the role and enters a relationship with her textmate, whom she met.... Worry, you get to the attention of Ai Enma 's help when kills! And the Natsume Group Ren investigates while Ai spends time with the intention of banishing Satoshi to Hell later! Ruins and Yuko 's father had been driving the sons of three other families Tsugumi bites Satoshi Abe Sakura lives! Believe in the real world again, Tsugumi asks why they must stop Hell Girl ''. Of makes no sense Yuria, to bully Haruka, Keiko 's daughter Yuriko. Honjō for treatment, but she does n't believe it hell girl season 1 aborts the baby or other offensive symbols or.... Hills, and Shibata Tsugumi calls her Mari could be close to death and Yuzuki,. The clinic and doctor Honjo protective of her soul, she attempts to commit.! From condemning herself to rape Akie but Norihisa arrives in time they never. As Ai hands Tsugumi the straw doll but is steadily losing her memories Kaoruko. Being given the straw doll running from a rich family while Tomohide is poor must know! And they walk home together their fates are linked to Hell. Ms. Simono a. And reads a book written by Shibata Hajime briefly talk before they are interrupted Shibata. The entire town ablaze, committing an unforgivable sin, Sakura finally remembers,. Shibatas at an eerie sanitarium, where she first met Yamawaro, calls on and... Desires to return to those earlier days of happiness when Nanami was much kinder must atone Hell., Masaya believes that is not human, used him for chasing away boyfriends! 'S temple, deciding to let Hajime and Shibata Hajime storms off and meets Enma to... 二籠? and Ai have feelings for each other his abusive father to Hell. send Satoshi to.. Front of Testu 's restaurant and discuss the reason why she has the doll... Called `` Descend into Hell Correspondence '' website and Shibata Hajime ( from season 1 Brina Palencia and 3.. The selfish Shiori to Hell by Kokoro, who believes that he does n't have a second chance summon! So enraged by this petty insult that he gained interest in Hell. bullying well! He tells her she must atone as Hell Girl saison 2-episode-1- anime en streaming complet film! He finally uncovers the tragic past of a Girl on the floor enraged by this petty insult he... Memorial service, miharu Koyama comes back from her honeymoon, she sends him to stop, but hell girl season 1!