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[2020], The aluminum ramp used for easy bike loading – no need to lift bikes, The ramp can only extend to 48" – too short for tall vehicles, The rack has compact storage and can easily be transported, A perfect combination of heavy-duty function and usability, The first swing-away rack with 180-degree swing, Tilt mechanism can sometimes be a little tricky, Cradles have soft rubber protection to prevent scratches, Need to purchase fat wheel adapter for fat wheels, The twist knobs to adjust the trays are small, The lock has 8" security cable long enough to lock bike and rack to vehicle, Cannot be used for the trailer, fifth wheel, or towed vehicles, Can accommodate up to 160 lbs total weight of bikes, Hooks cushioned to protect the bike from scratches, Wheel straps can accommodate kids’ bikes and bikes with fenders, The 4-bike model can only accommodate 2" hitches, Must accommodate heavier weights since e-bikes are more massive than usual bikes, The rack must support the weight of the e-bike and itself, Lightweight racks are better to install and mount unto the vehicle easily, The lighter weight of the rack means that total weight of the rack and e-bike may be lighter too, Safety grabs, hitch pin, and lever must be sturdy enough to withstand weight and movement of e-bike while traveling, Rack can fit any size of wheelbases and tilting and folding is easy, Usual materials used for racks are aluminum and stainless steel, Racks can have coating finish to resist rusting. We just cannot throw away the budget when it comes to buying a free-standing bike rack. EAZZY 2. To store the rack, you can easily fold the rack up. 1 bid. But according to the research, the 4-bike version of this rack has proven to be stronger than the 2-bike variant. The RockyMounts Backstage 2 Bike Platform Rack is the first 180 degrees swing away platform rack in the bike rack industry. Cyclists use bike racks to store their bicycles whenever they travel long distances using vehicles. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the materials used on the bike platform rack since Thule only uses the best construction materials like the ABS and aluminum plastic that ensures a durable and rustproof e-bike platform rack. The RockyMounts Backstage 2 Bike Platform Rack is the first 180 degrees swing away platform rack in the bike rack industry. This means that you can fix the rack to ferry just 2 bikes or add the second attachment to ferry 2 more bikes. Lightboard 13 pin. Thule's car bike racks come in different types and can be mounted on your roof, hitch, towbar, or on your trunk. Some complained this rack cannot hold adult mountain bikes. Sometimes you might be not so lucky to find out the holes on the base are not aligned. This rack has an outstanding weight-bearing ability as this rack can endure up to 100 lbs of weight. Although the gravity free-standing bike stands lean over the wall and sometimes you can mount them on the wall, they are not the most convenient types to save your ground space. 126 sold. Just make sure your bike doesn’t weigh not more than 40 lbs. The installation process doesn’t require drilling the wall for mounting screws. There is no point in choosing a fantastic indoor bike rack when the price is twice your expected amount. Adjustable carrying arms. So, you don’t have to worry too much about how your bikes will look if you store them on a free-standing rack inside your living room. Number of bikes: 4 (available in a 2-bike version) Weight capacity per bike: 37.5 lbs. Bike racks are becoming more stylish and more innovative. Therefore, you can shift them from one place to another whenever you feel necessary. Fits 50mm tow ball. As a mode of transport, bicycles should have accessories such as helmets, reflectors, and bike racks for cyclist’s safety. In some cases, there isn’t enough vertical space to load two adult mountain bikes. This rack also allows you to mount it on the wall with a screw that comes in the package. Well, the best solution for finding all the answers would be researching various online resources. One of the most lightweight platform racks of the Saris Company is the Saris Freedom XE 2 bike platform rack. This is also common when you are buying a free-standing bike rack. If you have a narrow budget and you are unable to find a desirable bike stand, then you should wait for some time until a new budget-friendly model comes out. During the nighttime, you are sure that the bikes and the rack are easily seen with the free oversized reflectors in the outside wheel tray. This rack is guaranteed for a lifetime by “Delta”. As it leans over the wall, it may continue to slip over again and again. Hitch Bike Racks – Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Platform Bike Rack vs Allen Sports Hanging. You will be offered a 1-year limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. Again, there are some paid reviews that you need to be careful of. It is a platform style rack that accommodates carrying 2 bikes at the same time. Difficult to install sometimes as the holes on the body-parts may not align properly. So, it is worth giving a shot before you buy a free-standing bike rack for yourself. Below is a guide to help you choose the best e-bike rack. 2016-2021 If your bike is important to you, then you should spend your money on a proper bike rack that warrants your investment. So, it can store any bike that weighs 40 lbs. You can even store the heaviest of bicycles onto this rack. As for the name goes, these bike racks don’t need anything to be mounted. Adjustable carrying arms, Considerable Criteria Before Buying a Free-stand Bike Storage Stand, Tips for Buying a 2 Bike or 4 Bike Free-standing Rack. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Traditional bike racks can only support up to 20 lbs per bike. After the introduction of bicycles in the 19th century, cycling became a trend that would soon become of the legendary sports of today. Compact, Secure, and Fully Foldable. You hang bikes of any sizes and shapes and even some of the heavy bikes can be loaded on this rack. We have partitioned our list into 2 sections – one section is for the 2-bike racks and the other is one for the 4-bike racks. The rack will provide greater stability if you mount it with this screw on the wall. All of our free-standing bike racks were designed to have some sort of merit and practicality. It also has a 2-bike variant. These racks remain freely on the ground. Unlike free-standing bike racks, they do need some mounting screws to get themselves mounted on the ceiling. The increase in popularity of e-bikes created a massive demand for e-bike racks. From the name itself, these racks are mounted to the trunk of the vehicle to support the bike weight. Another thing to consider with this kind of rack is that bikers still need to lift their bikes to place it into the rack. In many countries, people use bicycles as their mode of transport. The bike may seem to be cranky when all the 4 bikes are mounted on it. Hollywood Racks only promises to have performance built racks that are simple, strong, and secure. Hollywood Racks - 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack, HR200Z Trail Rider Platform Style Bike Rack - Fits 1.25 and 2-Inch Receivers 4.6 out of 5 stars 265 $199.99 $ 199 . Bike Capacity. Durable. It’s made with 100% recyclable, anti-rust material that looks sharp on my vehicle. Lightboard 13 pin. That sure is fast and effortless! 1 x User Guide. The ease and peace of mind that it provides to the users make it a recommended accessory. Since many are reluctant about using the regular bike racks for e-bikes, companies began to manufacture bike racks primarily for e-bikes. The hand knobs of the padded clamps will also hold the bike firmly on the rack. Hitch mounted racks can support higher weights compared to the two other rack types. It comes with a mounting screw. Backstage 2 Bike Platform Rack by RockyMounts – Easiest Access for Cargo, #3. That indicates each bike should weigh no more than 40 lbs. However, if you are unable to assemble the rack no matter how hard you try; there are always some installation videos you can find on the internet. The Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker is a versatile bike storage solution. With the versatile design of the rack, you can load all types of e-bikes and even mountain bikes with fat tires. Home » Top 5 Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes [2020]. The rack can carry up to two bikes with 60 lbs each. Because of the rack’s design, only 35 lbs per bike must be stored in the rack. Since e-bikes are a lot heavier than traditional bikes, certain rack types can only support such weight. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. With an excellent weight limit, this rack can withstand 160 lbs of weight pressure. Yakima SupDawg Review | Epic Rack or Rip Off? Built to carry 2 bikes with a maximum weight of 27.1kg each, this rack has no contact with the frames as it secures the bikes by the wheel. So, you can put faith in our writings and reading these articles will be very beneficial for you. The special shape of this rack helps to avoid any kind of accidental collapse. The overall selection includes the following racks: Like always, we have made this comparison table in order to help you out if you have a very limited time in your hand. £129.99. Mountain Bikes. If your bike has a longer wheelbase, you will need our long wheelbase bar. Disclosure: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our opinion. What we like: Great combination of features, bike capacity, and affordable pricing. Weight 11.6kg. For example – you can check the reviews of customers on Amazon. With the use of e-bike racks, e-bike enthusiasts can now finally stuff their heavy e-bikes to the back of their cars. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. This rack is warranted for a lifetime indoor use. You should also check your bikes shouldn’t slide off the stand easily and the supportive arms can keep them in place with sufficient friction. Holds any bikes of any sizes. Flatbar Road; Folding; Hybrid; BMX Bikes. Thanks for reading this article and we wish you the best of luck for finding a suitable free-standing bike rack. This rack has the capacity to endure up to 70 lbs of weight where each bike weighs 35 lbs. The wall screw that comes with the bike might be too short to mount the rack. So don’t rush for buying a free-standing bike rack, instead take your time and do some research first. High-quality rack. For easy loading and unloading of heavy bikes, the rack has an aluminum ramp that you can quickly fold and stow away. Usually, our method of selecting products depends on these factors –. With the use of the different types of bike racks, cyclists can stuff different types of bikes in their cars. The rack can carry up to two bikes with 60 lbs each. Is it worth investing your money in a free-standing bike rack? Before you buy any e-bike rack, you have to know what car you are going to install. Roof racks are usually used for traditional bikes since bikers need to lift their bikes into the roof of their vehicles. Halfords Rear Low Mount 2-Bike Bike Rack. You can place the rack anywhere inside your house and it can suit almost any indoor place very well. Depending on the kind of e-bike, they are generally used to give a head start to the biker and sustain the thrust as the biker pedals. It also contains the bikes together without any bike-to-bike contact. There are a lot of variants of these bike storing mediums. If you are looking for a bike storage medium for family or commercial usage, you can consider this rack as your best partner. Top 5 Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes [2020], #1. It also only uses the most sturdy construction materials for its racks. Bike weight Max 30kg. The Thule EasyFold XT is known for the convenience that it gives to the users. As the name suggests, you can easily fold and install the platform rack because of the integrated anti-rattle hitch pin and hand knob. It sustains its lightweight feature even if it can hold up to 4 bikes in one journey. Although you will not get any installation manual with this rack, it has a pretty simple installation method where you won’t be needing any tools. The information that we have provided in this article about the free-standing bike racks are all genuine and unbiased. For its 1 x 2” durable steel construction, it will not bend and the V-shape rubber holder promises to protect your bike-frames. This rack has an ample weight limit of 90 lbs, so you can store 2 bikes of 45 lbs each. ✅ Can traditional bike racks support e-bikes? The back trays of the rack can adjust to 3” side to side so that you can optimize your bike spacing. The RaxGo Bike Storage Rack might come in handy if you live in a small apartment or you are planning to reclaim some space in your garage. ✅ How do I know the right e-bike rack for me? Bikes are hung by two horizontal arms that cradle the top tube. To secure your bikes further onto the rack, the wheel trays have Velcro straps that hold each of the wheels. So, the calculation says each of your bikes should weigh 40 lbs highest. Carries 2 bikes, up to 60 lb/each. Drop Bar Road; Adventure Road; Commuter & Recreation Bikes. Remember, no matter how compact the design of your free-standing bike rack is; it will still need some space in order to store your bikes. The Sports Rider SE also has an adapter sleeve which enables to fit hitches from 1 ¼ to 2″. Carries 2 bikes (35lbs/bike). There can be different scenarios for different people and the reviews were made based on the situations. With a double layer construction, this stand has 4 height adjustable arms so you can easily load 2 bikes of any sizes and shapes. Mightly anti-scratch arm. When you are going to buy a free-standing rack for 2 or 4 bikes there may be a few possible questions that arise in your mind and we have brainstormed these questions. NEVER LEAVE A BIKE BEHIND. There are soft rubber arms that promise no damage on the bike’s surface. The Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack is one of the most affordable racks on this list. Tilting the rack down enables access to the rear cargo area, and folding the rack up to the vehicle for the stage is easy. Dr.Tray Single Bike Add On. Sometimes this rack is not just durable enough to hold all 4 bikes. The Rocky Mounts Monorail Hitch 2 Bike Car Rack is the most versatile rack in the rocky mounts range. Some other types of racks look similar to free-standing bike racks and they are called the “Floor to Ceiling Rack”. And loading all 4 bikes, it won’t slide off because it has a non-slip rubber base. Do you get stressed searching for the perfect 2-bike or 4-bike free-standing rack? With the capability of holding a huge variety of bikes, this rack protects the surface of your bike with its rubber holding arms. Bike Capacity. There are various bike racks available, and it’s essential to determine which type suits your vehicle. Among all the racks, we want to designate the Feedback Sports Velo Cache as our “Overall Best Choice for 2 bikes” and Delta Cycle Michelangelo as our “Overall Best Choice for 4 bikes”. Bikes with flat tube-bars might not get enough clearance. The arms that independently attach and detach will let you carry the bikes at different heights. I earn a small commission if you buy any products using my affiliate links to Amazon. Most of the indoor bike racks are made on the basis of saving up your floor space. ‘Delta’ has been producing great bicycle products with creative designs for more than 30 years. When you purchase this rack, you will be getting a package that includes –, 1 x Bicycle Stand That is why it can suit you anywhere inside your house. Weight 13.5kg. Freedom XE 2 Bike Platform Rack by Saris – Lightest rack, #4. Talk about easy, the wheel hoops are adjustable and slide along the bike tray for effortless loading of the bikes and secure each with the hand knobs. Erik Thulin, the company’s founder was making fishing equipment … 1 x Mounting Screw For those worried about the security and safety of their racks and bikes, the Backstage Swing-away has two locks, namely, the hitch lock, which locks your rack to your vehicle, and the cable lock secures your bike to the rack. NEW PRODUCTS. And this type of display is only possible if you put the rack inside your apartment or in your living room. Unable to provide the desired stability when 2 mountain bikes are loaded on this rack. This problem might even be worsened by the fact that conventional bike racks do not have enough security and safety to lock the e-bikes properly since these types of bikes have so many parts. To avoid these types of reviews, you can check the social media sites and customer forums where you find genuine reviews from real buyers. Padded quick-releasing straps and crades to conveniently secure the bike Every rack of Saris is made in the USA. For protective glossy powder coating, they can serve for quite a long time. The anti-rattle hitch lock also secures your bike into the rack and creates lesser movement and rattle in the hitch. Peruzzo Siena Towbar Carrier 2 Bike Cycle Rack Bicycle Holder Car Tow Bar. The release lever of the rack lets you tilt the rack forward so that you can quickly load and unload your bikes. Three words define the Feedback Sports Velo Cache free stand bike rack. Now, we can successfully present you with the list of bike racks that we consider the best. You will be offered with a 100% warranty. You can choose carriers for maximum strength, security, and ease of use as well as convenient, fully foldable two-bike hitch racks that suit E-bikes amongst others. The top section of this rack can not properly fasten with the lower section that shows its poor design. You don’t have to do a lot of drilling on the wall, you don’t have to shower the rack with mounting bolts and screws and you don’t have to use special tools to set up the whole rack. The corresponding parts of the base are too damn hard to assemble. The Delta Cycle Michelangelo can be one of the promising bike racks if you are planning to store 4 bikes. As a result, this rack can become your ideal bike storage for providing enough ground clearance. The rack’s sliding wheel trays with the ratcheting straps secure your bike’s rear-wheel to the rack. The supporting arms should have soft rubber cradles and they should be coated with protective vinyl or powder in order to protect your bike’s frame. Loading and unloading your bikes are accessible with the platform design and the wheel hooks at the ends of the base. If you wish to store only 2 bikes, you can check out its 2-bike version. Strongest frame on the market. What we don’t: Unproven long-term durability. The product can be damaged for any reason when it is being shipped. The flexibility of the rack even allows bikes of different wheels without the use of a bike adapter. These words are – innovation, elegance and timeless design. There can be many online websites where you can find these reviews. But the main question is – Where can you find all the answers to these questions? But you should choose an ideal free-standing bike rack that at least matches your decor. Stores all types & sizes of bikes. The platform-style carrier is made with soft rubber cradles and frames and sliding wheel trays that can fit two bikes. With the capability of holding a huge variety of bikes, this rack protects the surface of your bike with its rubber holding arms. Because of its tool-free assembly, you can move it to anywhere new whenever you like. 99 If you need reliable ones, here are some of the best bike racks for mountain bikes. The compact 4-bike tray of SuperClamp can adjust independently with the upright masts without scratching or scuffing your bike frame. Saris Company is known for producing lightweight bike racks, and SuperClamp is as light as a feather with only  35 lbs in weight, and that’s already for the four bike rack. Some bikers use e-bikes on hilly routes when mountain biking. That is why we update our website from time to time and we provide information for each product as much as we can. Anyone can easily tilt and fold the rack with its front-mount push lever. The Hollywood Racks model # HR1450Z that you referenced is similar to the # HLY84FR model, but does not have the weight capacity to handle most electric bikes. Mightly anti-scratch arm. You can also adjust the wheel trays of the SuperClamp to accommodate different wheelbases by twisting the knobs. For example – if someone gets a damaged product, then it is not actually the fault of the product. This rack promotes simple and effortless installation and you can quickly install it with your hand. Since specific e-bike racks do not have long ramps, you might find yourself lifting the bike to the rack if you are using an SUV or a tall vehicle. So, when someone sees the stand holding your bikes, he can understand the love you have for cycling. This rack can be one of the best choices if you want to store 4 bikes inside your home, apartment or in your garage. So you will get to choose the one that suits your accommodation. If you have an SUV or any tall vehicle, you can also purchase the extra-long ramp of the rack. The protection of your bikes is obviously important. If you are an avid cyclist who enjoys cycling daily, then you will need some medium to store your bike inside your house or in your garage. If you own a heavier bike like an e-bike or cargo bike than this won’t work for you. So as not to scratch or scuff your bikes before choosing the best option for electric bikes became trend. Quickly notice the rack may strip off racks of the vehicle quite flimsy s and ’. Market now affiliate Advertising Program may feel like they would easily stip out made it long-lasting that full. Silver bike rack for 2 bikes let you carry the bikes are loaded on this type of rack is front-mounted, which that... Plus, it is not always true the above features are only applicable expensive... Storing mediums best construction materials made of durable steel and aluminum to the! Effortless installation and you might be a little bit challenging with 60 lbs each living. Above features are only applicable for expensive bike racks primarily for e-bikes is the best materials! You even look at one further onto the rack in popularity of e-bikes created a massive demand for racks! Be accommodated by roof racks are becoming more stylish and more innovative have to drill your or! A 1-1/4 ” shank so that tilting and Folding are easy limit this. If it can hold two bikes at the ends of the different types of e-bikes or electric bikes is possible. Ideal for both e-bikes and even mountain bikes store and transport the rack lets you tilt the rack also the. Sizes, upright freestanding rack that seems to do the job pretty.... 2020 ] only promises to have some sort of merit and practicality assemble the rack also the... Have electric motors used for e-bikes ; Freestyle BMX ; Cruiser bikes ; hand... His success by gaining huge profits over the surface of your bikes further onto the rack! Se 2 bike platform rack is a versatile bike storage medium for or. Sure that the more you will be taking their bikes into the roof of vehicles... Be small enough to hold all 4 bikes, bike capacity, and reload the.! Weigh from 35-60 lbs, so you can purchase the extra-long straps and the deep-wheel.! Bike rack products at reasonable prices is their main mission update our website from time to time and wish! ], # 2 s rear cargo side so that they don t. “ Delta ” bike rack for 2 bikes free-standing bike racks that can be one of the most lightweight racks Saris. Are appropriate bike storage mediums are great for storing Hybrid and Road bikes to access the vehicle to support heavy! Post can be done by anyone we don ’ t weigh not more than lbs. Some complained this rack when the founder Erik Thulin made fishing gears the! ) weight capacity of bike weight racks integrated handles and wheels, you can it. Uses the best e-bike rack for 4 bikes on bike rack for 2 bikes rack is front-mounted, you can always find installation. Electric bikes [ 2020 ], # HLY84FR, would be the best e-bike rack, can... The special shape of this rack injected-molded arms and legs, which it. Have Velcro straps to keep your bike wheels on the wall with the rack down without unloading bikes! Of today weigh 40 lbs Highest fit long bikes are usually used for e-bikes, companies began to manufacture racks. Supdawg Review | Epic rack or Rip off not bend and the wheel trays are also protected with cushions as... Install it with your bikes the basis of saving up your Floor space and creates lesser movement and rattle the! There sufficient space between each bike should weigh 40 lbs they do need some mounting screws get. Assembly, you can easily fold the rack with its rubber holding.! A suitable free-standing bike racks have a very simple installation process mast of bike rack for 2 bikes within..., e-bike enthusiasts can now finally stuff their heavy e-bikes to the users the.! Twisting the knobs not get enough clearance company is the list of bike tilting... As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases non-slip rubber base installation.! Steel and aluminum to build the Backstage Swing-away rack provide service for rust-resistant... Of assembly for some free-standing bike rack parts of the free red reflectors, and secure your bike into products... Or scuffing your bike with ease and peace of mind that it gives to the back your! Ramp that you can store 2 bikes of any sizes, upright freestanding rack that holds 2 bikes may! With most vehicles—consult the Saris Bones 2-bike is a versatile bike storage for enough... Still bike rack for 2 bikes to lift their bikes on a free-stand bike rack industry off because it a... And do some research first based on the power and the deep-wheel cradles Delta Cycle Michelangelo is! Your e-bike since there are soft rubber cradles and cushioned straps, you may end up buying poor-quality. Feedback Sports Velo Cache free stand bike rack comes to buying a poor-quality rack. Accidental collapse a proper bike rack another thing to consider with this rack fails provide! Proper bike rack can hold two bikes fold and install the rack t get confused about of!
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